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Shepard Fairey's design on a cognac bottle and art activism on a wall in Berlin

On 16 September 2014, artist, designer, activist Shepard Fairey stood on the turntables at the release party of his own Hennessy cognac at Kraftwerk Mitte in Berlin.

Inside the bottle is Hennessy's 'Very Special' cognac, outside it carries the American artist's art work. For the limited edition of the art-bottled cognac, Shepard Fairey transferred his signature style to the label (image below). The gold, black, cream, red illustration of the 'Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition by Shepard Fairey' centers around the 'Star Icon' mandala which stands as symbol for Fairey's search for completeness and self-unity.

Three days before the Hennessy event happened, Shepard Fairey slipped into his role as activist 'Obey Giant' and painted the peace mural 'Make Art. Not War' in Berlin. (Making-of posting on Facebook, more information about the 'One Wall' project in Berlin on

Shepard Fairey is currently on 'Hennessy Very Special World Tour' to the "world's most influential cities" such as the label announces. On the list, to mention only three: Los Angeles, Berlin, Tokyo...

fig. above: Shepard Fairey DJs during the Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition by Shepard Fairey launch party at Kraftwerk Mitte on 16 September 2014 in Berlin, Germany. Below: A visitor takes a photo of the cognac bottle label designed by Shepard Fairey; photo captured at the launch party. Photos by Alexander Koerner/Getty Images for Hennessy; (C) 2014 Getty Images.

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