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Vienna Cuisine Insight
by Karin Sawetz, publisher Fashionoffice
(27 August 2014)

Vegetable dips, cakes, ice coffee and cappuccino

Today, I attended a press event concerning cooking machines at Palais Coburg in Vienna. Three labels - Braun, Kenwood, De'Longhi, presented their new products with an almost theatrical staging at the staterooms of the old palace in the city's center. The mise-en-scène of the event was divided into three parts and ended with references to Venetian carnival (on view at the end of this page). The staging with comedian, musical and dance elements fitted to the friendly architecture of the rooms which were fronted by a big balcony with classical pillars above a terrace with garden and water fountain. The culinary tour was opened by a pantomime who invited to the first room where vegetables with sauces waited for the guests (first image, left below). A cook prepared with the hand blender from the Braun IdentityCollection two dips. (The hand blender 'Braun Identity MQ 5137 BK Sauce Plus' is on view on the image first row, right.)

The next room was the biggest and was staged as dance area, team cooking zone and milk shake, smoothies bar. Two women (image second row, left) were dressed in 50ies style and danced between scooter and new Kenwood kitchen machines (Chef Sense KVC5010T and Chef XL Sense KVL6010T). Some of the guests teamed up in three groups and began to cook with the new machines. I preferred to test the already prepared cakes instead. (The image second row, right shows me at the cake étagère).

At the third room, two dancers in historical costumes and face masks in Venetian carnival style welcomed the guests. They danced some pirouettes in front of the bar where the bartender made later ice coffee and cappuccino with De'Longhi coffee automates from the new 'Autentica'-series.

This afternoon was very tasteful!

(The new products will be available in Austria from October.)

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