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15 June 2015 curators' selections of bakeries in San Francisco, coffee destinations in San Diego...

The curated content platform (professional content producers can post articles, users can build their own interest-based news streams) publishes website guides with short introductions to themes like fashion (category or culinary ( The style of the newest curated content can be described as a fine selection of tips for healthy and easy living, fitness, fashion tips (latest for the fit of jeans), recipes (such as a selection of practical recipes for energy boosting foods for hiking) or travel guides to culinary destinations in various cities like coffee in San Diego or where to go in San Francisco when searching for sweets.

Recently (six days ago), Los Angeles-based professional content contributor Vanessa Diaz of 'Brite & Bubbly' published her selection of best bakeries in San Francisco. provides on the pages several options to distribute the content such as an embed code - installed here on this page. The curator's introduction into each bakery consists of a short statement which outlines the special features of the destination such as the 20th Century Cafe's retro style and their amazing cakes. By following Vanessa Diaz' link to the 20th Century Cafe, the San Francisco coffee house website gives insights into the ideas behind the culinary concept: "Searching through vintage cookbooks and traveling through the cites of Vienna, Budapest and Prague brought tremendous inspiration to what will soon be a little "grand" cafe." They serve the famous Viennese culinary specialty Sacher Torte too. invites to join the website which could be described as a platform for sharing content (as link incl. image) together with professional, informative commentary written in personal mode.

Check out The Best Bakeries to Visit in San Francisco

by Vanessa Diaz: Brite & Bubbly at Mode

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