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28 December 2015

Recipe for dancing through the night by Kissa

Three days left to New Year's Eve! It's probably the night which is celebrated by most people worldwide in a similar way with luck charms and (hopefully pyrotechnically well organized) fireworks. Austrian tea label Kissa sent on occasion of the New Year celebration night a recipe for a power drink which was created to keep awake until the morning hours. Fashionoffice hasn't tested the recipe, but the composition of Double Green Tea Matcha Kisses Sencha, rosemary, gin and grapefruit sounds easy to prepare and tasty (recipe).

fig.: Kissa Green Tea Gin. (Drink it with caution! It contains alcohol.) Photo: Kissa.

Additionally, Kissa sent a tip for 1st January: black tea powder 'Wake Up Call' instead of coffee (Instagram post embed below). The powder can even be used for a 'Wake Up Soup'; the preparation of the soup isn't easy; this recipe is for cooking afficinados!

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