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23 October 2015

Men's outfitter Linnerth invited to the new store with wine by Mehofer

Dietlieb-Georg Linnerth and Christian Köpf invited to the men's outfitter's new 'Linnerth'-store at Walfischgasse 8 nearby the State Opera in Vienna. Before the VIPs entered the scene of the 'Wine in the City' event, Fashionoffice used the time to capture some images of the owners of the store and the representative of the collaborating Austrian winery Mehofer.

The friendly, fresh-warm toned interior of the store (by architect Iris Zopf) is enlightened with a neutral light which is an advantage for the selection of the colors of men's suits, skirts, linings of jackets or coats, ties and scarves. Since the beginning in the mid-70ies, Linnerth is known for the range of classical-modern men's wear (mainly Italian labels) and its customizing services for individual fits or completely tailor-made items. For the last mentioned, the customers - from politicians to film stars, choose from fabrics by producers like E. Zegna, Cerruti, Vitale Barberis, etc.

Gastronomy partner on this evening was the winery Mehofer situated in Wagram in Lower Austria - a region with fruitful loess soil which gives the wine its flavor. Judith from the owner family of the winery Mehofer (since 300 years) presented some wines such as the classical Grüner Veltliner or the brand new Iuventus15 (last mentioned is available from November). The graphic design of the Mehofer label on the bottles is inspired by the yellow color of the loess soil.

fig.: Dietlieb-Georg Linnerth and Christian Köpf on 21 October 2015 at the new Linnerth store at Walfischgasse 8 in Vienna. Some examples of fabrics for men's jackets and lining. Images below: Grapes grown on the loess soil of the winery Mehofer in Wagram, Lower Austria. The wines were presented by Judith Mehofer.

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