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12 January 2017

Mini Veggie Burgers recipe from Braun's 'Baby Nutrition Centre' is easy to make and can be served adults too

Currently, the discussion about vegetarian or not vegetarian nutrition of kids is in full swing. The debates reference researches on the best strategy for the food plan. One of the central themes are the bones, teeth and the amount of calcium which should be consumed. By looking through the recipe collection at kitchen and household label Braun's 'Baby Nutrition Centre', users will find many recipes with milk products (calcium) and vegetables (deliver essential vitamins as well as calcium like spinach). The recipe collection is categorized after the age of the baby, toddler beginning from the first day to 23 months. The Mini Veggie Burgers on view at the image below is from Stage 5 including also family food. The Mini Veggie Burgers with carrots, parmesan cheese,... are practical also for occasions like the catering at garden parties where guests bring their kids. The ingredients are prepared with Braun's Multiquick chopper attachment; cooking time is around 20 minutes for 12 to 15 snack sized burgers.

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