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23 March 2017

Fashionoffice Mother's Day tip: cooking spoon made from wood of wine barrels of prominent Austrian wineries

The idea of recycling the wood of wine barrels for spoons was born in early 2015. In summer of the same year, the Austrian brand started. Today, 'TheCookingSpoon' has a well-structured website, the photographer of the label's campaign images (such as the one on this page) released a cook book where also the special spoon is depicted (Facebook post below) and by searching for the partners where the woods come from, names of some of the best Austrian wineries can be found.

The price of the spoon isn't low: 95.- Euros for one spoon made of old wood isn't cost-saving! On the other hand, each spoon is handmade, unique and available exclusively in limited edition as only a small number of spoons can be produced from one wine barrel. (Making of the cooking spoon.)

Fashionoffice tip: TheCookingSpoon is a nice present for culinary connaisseurs. Donate it for example on occasion of Mother's Day with some bottles of the corresponding wine such as one of the favorites of the Viennese, the 'Wiener Trilogie' (spoon 'Wien Wein Normalzeit'). Mother's Day is a flexible date worldwide (Wikipedia); in Austria, Mother's Day 2017 is officially on 14 May.

fig.: Campaign image for TheCookingSpoon by photographer, food-stylist, author and publisher of 'Stories on a Plate' Florentina Klampferer. Photo: © Florentina Klampferer.

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