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29 June 2017

Eating habits of Austrians researched by consumer electronics retailer Mediamarkt

Recently on 23 June, one of the Mediamarkt stores in Vienna invited two food bloggers and their assistants to a cooking competition. The challenge was to create a set of meals (starter, main course, dessert) in one hour.

Duration is an important criterion when Austrians are asked about their eating habits such as the European consumer electronics store chain found out in the household study 'MediaMarkt-Haushaltsstudie'. Austrians prefer meals which are fast and easy to prepare. Three of four Austrians are cooking; breakfast is in the most cases prepared in less than 30 minutes, lunch in 1/2 - 1 hour (weekend 1 - 2 hours), dinner in less than 30 minutes. Other questions concerned the usage of kitchen appliances which belong to one of the core businesses of Mediamarkt: the stove is the most used device at the kitchen of 97% of the questioned people.

fig.: The image shows 'Spa▀ Ó la carte' (Fun à la carte) cooking duel winner Eva Fischer of speaking with the event presenter called 'Der Ausprobierer' (means as much as 'The Taster') on 23 June 2017 at Mediamarkt Floridsdorf in Vienna. Additional duel devices to stove, etc. were kitchen machines like mixer, ice cream maker,... by Kenwood and DeLonghi provided by MediaMarkt. The recipes by Eva Fischer of are published at the retailer's magazine Photo: (C) Content Creation GmbH/Nicole Wageneder.

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