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25 May 2017

Fashionoffice tip: Collecting elderflowers for DIY syrup

Currently, Vienna is scented with the elegant decent flavor of blossoming elderflowers which seam many of the city's roads. The very light honey-spice-floral-like characteristic fragrance of elderflowers is known from beauty products such as soaps or oils.

In these spring days before summer, elderflower juice is the special seasonal beverage at Viennese gastronomy. It's easy to make the syrup for the elder juice at home: Collect elder umbels (the amount of umbels vary after recipe; calculate around 20 to 30 umbels for ca. 2-3 liters). Commonly, the first step is to boil up water with sugar. When the sugar-water is cooled down, add the elderflowers together with slices of lemons (and/or oranges) and citron acid. The standing time of the mixture reaches after recipe from two to five days.

Recipes for elderflower syrup how it's made in Austria: (Tip: Use the browser like Google Chrome for the translation of the German text.)

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