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20 January 2017

Fashionoffice cocktail tip of the day: stimulating soothing Qbo coffee egg liqueur after a recipe by 'Kitchen News'

The new coffee system brand 'Qbo' (belongs to the European coffee, clothing, lifestyle goods producer, retailer and store chain Tchibo) teamed up with blogger Michael Krist of for the following Qbo coffee, egg liqueur, milk froth and chocolate flakes recipe. Qbo is a press-brew technology which works with an app that directs the kitchen machine for pressing, brewing the block-like coffee capsules; the machine prepares also the milk for various coffee creations after recipes.

For the composition of the creamy sweet cocktail with vanilla taste Kitchen-News' Michael Krist used the Qbo Indian Nilgiri. (Following recipe is translated from the original which can be found in German language on

25ml egg liqueur
120ml Qbo Indian Nilgiri
Milk froth from the Qbo machine's 'Milk Master'
Chocolate flakes

1. Add 25ml of egg liqueur to a champagne glass
2. Connect the milk master to the Qbo machine.
2. Create a new recipe with 120ml of coffee as well as about 50ml of milk froth - can be loaded via Qbo app too
3. Place a capsule Indian Nilgiri and brew the coffee directly into the champagne glass.
4. Decorate the finished egg liqueur cocktail with a few chocolate flakes.

fig.: Qbo-Eierlikör-Cocktail. Photo (provided inclusively recipe by Qbo): (c)

Note by Fashionoffice: Be cautious with the amount of the coffee egg liqueur. One glass keeps the mind clear; too much of the drink will harm the perceptiveness!

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