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9 November 2017

Green Dog's fresh-fruity-saucy illustrations on pizza plates for Augarten porcelain are made for the whole family

The new Augarten porcelain plates series 'My Italy' by Vienna-based Austrian design duo Green Dog is a happily colored fresh-fruity option for family-dishes like pizza, spaghetti or antipasti! The 'Mais' (translated 'Maize') plate on view at the image below shows a fresh, bright yellow colored corncolb with red (tomato or chili?) sauce in between on sunny azure-blue. It's one of a series of four (maize, tomato, aubergine, paprika). Each plate is packed into a pizza-delivery inspired cardboard with the writing 'Fresh From The Oven' (picture left, below).

fig. from left: The founders of the design label 'Green Dog' Reinhard Neussner & Florian Reichel are active in various fields - from magazine publishing over fashion to music or gaming. Photo: (C) Martin Schiefer. Right: 'My Italy' pizza plate 'Mais' (translated 'Maize') from the Augarten X Green Dog series. Photo: (C) Green Dog.

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