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10 April 2018

Viennese cooking hotspot and spice factory Babette's about the creative act of preparing meals together with family, friends and a cuisine culture related book tip

Babette's was mentioned already several times here on with the company's book store and spice manufactory which was started by Nathalie Pernstich-Amend (picture right) in 2016 in Vienna. (Articles can be found via the magazine's search on The spice manufactory is the latest extension of the company 'Babette's - Spice and Books for Cooks' which was founded more than 15 years ago in 2002 with a cooking salon and book store at Schleifmühlgasse 17 in the 4th district of the city. In 2008, the next destination followed at the 1st district (Am Hof 13).

At, the brand offers interactive features like a recipe database, the virtual spice configurator, the programme of upcoming cooking courses such as currently about preparing fish, spring kitchen or Italian cuisine, or the virtual Babette's bookstore; among the favored books of the category 'Lieblingsbücher', the story by author Tania Blixen (aka Karen Blixen) 'Babette's Feast' (German 'Babette's Fest') - the story inspired once Nathalie Pernstich-Amend for the company's name.

For Pernstich-Amend, not only eating but also cooking in a team brings people together. The cuisine specialist has made the experience that while working together on the preparation of a delightful meal, people find new accesses to each other.

fig.: Babette's - Spice and Books for Cooks founder Nathalie Pernstich-Amend. Photo: (C) Jenny Fetz.

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