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15 March 2018

Squeezable titanium drink bottle 'Keego' reached funding goal on Kickstarter in 24h; special prices until 24 April

On 13 March, the campaign for the elastic titanium bottle Keego - designed in Vienna especially for sports activities as durable, light and squeezable drinking vessel, was started on Kickstarter and reached already in 24 hours the funding goal. The bottle can be interactively squeezed on where the makers introduce into the ideas like hygiene or sustainability for the design of the bottle, the technology (shape) as well as the used material elastic titanium. The titanium layering was developed by Montanuniversität Leoben (Styria, Austria) in collaboration with a specialized producer in Denmark. At Kickstarter, the founder of Keego Lukas Angst speaks in a video about the new product.

The backers of Keego on Kickstarter come from all over the world (fast checked by Fashionoffice today): US, AT, CH, DE, UK,... to name the top countries. Currently, Keego bottles for 30 to 42% off the retail price are available via Kickstarter; the campaign runs until 24 April.

fig.: Drink bottle (0,7 liter, 98 gramme) by Vienna-based start-up 'Keego'. Photo: (C) Keego.

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