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3 April 2018

Fitness tips by Philippa Lovrek, nutrition expert and CEO of breakfast-lunch-dinner delivery service Basenbox

Vienna-based breakfast-lunch-dinner delivery service Basenbox (founded 2016) was recently named 'Gastro Startup of the Week'. by the publication Gastro News. The special diet for detoxifying and strengthening the body (food with focus on vitamins and minerals for washing out acids and toxins) was developed by nutrition expert and Basenbox CEO Philippa Lovrek who contributes some additional fitness tips right in time with the first warmer days of early spring. According to the expert, the detoxifying effects of the Basenbox diet (consisting of three meals which are changing - among other things - with seasons; image below) can be increased by sports activities.

  • Daily 30 minutes walking at the fresh air relaxes body and mind.
  • Using the bicycle instead of other transport vehicles builds muscles and reduces fat.
  • Select sports activities with the biggest personal fun factor (running, yoga, tennis, swimming, volley ball,...) and plan to exercise them regularly per week; start with 2 hours per week.
  • Drink 2 to 3 liters water or sugar-free herbal tees per day.

fig. above: Philippa Lovrek, nutrition expert and CEO of Basenbox. Below: Basenbox delivers breakfast, lunch and dinner. Photos: © Daniel Auer.

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