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December 2011 - II: Digital Fashion Design; Fashion in Movies; Toys...

'd'artiste Fashion Design' the title of a new book about digital art. Four experts introduce into fashion design with the aid of computer graphic programs like Photoshop...

Women's fashion in movies
...seen on Rooney Mara as 'Lisbeth Salander' in the movie 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' and on the vampire warrior 'Selene' in...

Dressing up a vinyl toy following the motto 'You can do anything you want'. Toykio x NRW Forum present the dressing of the Do-it-Yourself vinyl figures in a performance...

Insight by Karin Sawetz
Fashionoffice has researched on storage/content delivery in computer-networks. At this time, we are on the list for an EC Research Project...

'The Brightest Diamond'
is the music project by Shara Worden. 'High Low Middle' is "a catchy, vaudevillian protest song that would make Woodie Guthrie proud..."

Selected SHORT MESSAGES (from the FashionFeeds; available even on

7 Dec - #Education kit question at an exhibition (#feminism/#photography) "Consider the work Xmas dinner series 1979..."

6 Dec - #Music: 'Tonight, Tonight, Tonight' by Low Roar (aka Ryan Karazija) from his debut album

5 Dec - Introduction by #fashion #researcher to the first #India Resort Fashion Week (IRFW) from 7 to 11 Dec in Goa

5 Dec - #Music #video: director Marc Klasfeld about a green screen, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Raymond Pettibon's graphics

4 Dec - #Art #architecture #design: new book 'Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian: Cosmic Geometry'

3 Dec - #Music 'Future World' by Deckard: "...a disease of machinery ... they are designed by other computers, we don't know exactly how they work..."

2 Dec - Mix by diegonardo for the #music competition (closes 15 Dec) by #sport #fashion label Bench; the winner travels to Igloofest (Montreal 12-28 Jan)

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