Fashion that visualizes go-anywhere elegance

...of a new generation which is currently re-building the value system of society.

"Bodies in motion tend to stay in motion" is the motto of the upcoming adidas SLVR collection Spring/Summer 2013. The collection is inspired by martial arts and consists of pieces in various different retro-future looks - from 60ies shirts made from Hawaiian vegetable prints that look like computer generated psychedelic palm tree crystals to 80ies-retro blousons in sorbet colored perforated leather. By fast browsing through the adidas SLVR lookbook, the first question is: "And which pieces for men are inspired by martial arts?"

"The men's patterns pull directly from Brad Pitt's wardrobe in Fight Club, harnessing his character's cool intellect and rough-and-tumble masculinity," introduces adidas SLVR into the collection. For women, pieces like a black kimono coat visualize the influence of martial arts like karate.

One of the inspirational sources of the collection was director David Fincher's cult-movie 'Fight Club' from 1999 which uses the fight as metaphor for breaking out of the system of values.

adidas SLVR refers this idea of martial arts as an overall lifestyle. Creative director Dirk Schönberger packed the idea of 'Bodies in motion tend to stay in motion' into sport luxury and fused it with "a go-anywhere elegance that matches the pace of 21st-century lives" such as adidas SLVR explains.

In mid-December 2012, adidas SLVR presented the campaign video for the SS2013 collection.

Images and video: The models stand and move in a living-space with inventory such as chairs which are still packed from or already wrapped for the transport; adidas SLVR SS2013. Photographed and directed by Willy Vanderperre; models: Eddie Klint / Malcolm De Ruiter / Marloes Horst; styling: Jay Massacret; hair stylist: Anthony Turner; make-up: Gucci Westman. Creative direction of the campaign shooting and video: Pietsch Lim / PL STUDIO.

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