16 September 2012 - Short Message

#MusicVideo 'Fitzpleasure' by alt-J with #artworks by Wim Delvoye, directed by Guillaume Cagniard

The name of the band alt-J is derived from sign-making (∆) with the computer keyboard. On Facebook, guitarist/bassist Gwil Sainsbury notes that it has a deeper meaning for the band as the sign is used in mathematical equations to show change. The track 'Fitzpleasure' is from the debut album 'An Awesome Wave' which is already out in EU and AU, physically on 18 September in US.

The video (published today on 16 September on YouTube) for the track 'Fitzpleasure' shows artworks by the Belgian artist Wim Delvoye like sculptures and window paintings in Gothic cathedral style. The video is directed by Guillaume Cagniard, film company Cosa which lists productions for fashion labels like Triumph, Nike, Louis Vuitton, music bands The Black Keys, White Stripes, etc on its website on cosaprod.com.

Video: 'Fitzpleasure' by alt-J from the album 'An Awesome Wave', directed by Guillaume Cagniard, artworks featured by Wim Delvoye courtesy of Galerie Perrotin, produced by Cosa. Find the lyrics of the track on YouTube.

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