11 October 2012 - Short Message

#Music 'Because I Know That I Can' by Andy Burrows from the solo album 'Company' (23 Oct, Play It Again Sam)

Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Andy Burrows (known for being drummer and co-songwriter at Razorlight and member of We Are Scientists) says that 'Company' marks the first time he's had to confidence to make a record "exactly how I felt musically and lyrically".

The new album received already attention by WXPN Radio's music magazine 'The Key' which compares Andy Burrows' music with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, The Hollies... and BBC Music describes the "dreamy charms" of the album such as the first track: "So when the opening title track begins with a poorly connected mobile phone conversation symbolising a couple’s lack of communication, the melancholic tone is set."

Track listing:
1. Company
2. Because I Know That I Can
3. Keep On Moving On
4. Maybe You
5. If I Had A Heart
6. Hometown
7. Somebody Calls Your Name
8. Stars In The Sky
9. Shaking The Colour
10. Pet Air

Andy Burrows is on tour: 24 October in Paris, 26 Oct Amsterdam, followed by London (Nov), Vienna (Dec),... to name a few. Details on andyburrows.co.uk.

The video for the track 'Because I Know That I Can' by Andy Burrows shows a talent contest with dancers, circus artists... in a theatre. Only to give a hint: the decision of the jury is not finally for the artists...
irected by Stefan Parker, producer Matthew Sawyer, DoP Oliver Kember; production company: Chrome Productions)

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