Swimming as healthy fitness program

In December 2012, the label Aqua Sphere (belongs to Aqua Lung Group) delivered insights into the healthy sport swimming together with an impression of a swimsuit 'in action' and the swim mask Kayenne which protects the eyes from chlorine.

Swimming counts to the healthiest sport activities. Swimmers are using all muscles without stressing the body skeleton. From babies, pregnant women (Aqua Sphere offers an own maternity line) up to rehabilitation patients and seniors almost everybody can profit from water activities; even the ones whose aim is to burn calories will benefit; exactly for the last mentioned group the swim equipment by Aqua Sphere shown on this page is perfect. Check out one of the online swimming calorie calculators and you will find out that it makes a difference whether you are crawling fast or slow.

fig. original: Swimsuit from the Active Swim line, swim mask Kayenne, both by Aqua Sphere, seen in December 2012.

Source: Original article with images on http://www.fashionoffice.org/collections/2012/aquasphere12-2012.htm.

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