7 April 2012 - Short Message

#Aesthetics, traditions, customs of the #ArabWorld in exhibition at Mori #Art Museum in Tokyo

From 16 June to 28 October 2012, the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo presents the works of 30 artists under the title 'Arab Express'. One of the works is the video 'Rawane's Song' by the Lebanese artist Mounira Al Solh (born 1978) which is about the preformatted image recipients like curators or museum visitors have about her person because of her ethnicity and social circumstances.

The Mori Art Museum just started (4 April) the introduction series 'Arab in A Minute' with 'File-01 The Arab World on Screen' to give insight into the Arabian culture. This time, the film industry of the Arab world is on focus.

"...the traditions, religion, customs and aesthetics that constitute that diversity are vividly reflected in the work of the region's artists." The next file of the series is announced for 18 April. Schedule, artworks, File-01 and more on mori.art.museum.

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