Tracing back history on the culinary timeline

On 9 October 2012, Fashionoffice visited the culinary section of where a historical view on the country's favorite dishes is published. The article 'Multi-Cultural Menu' refers to the multi-cultural heritage of the former monarchy Austria.

Austria's heritage is not only defined by the historical strong connections to Bohemia, the Bukovina, Hungary and many other countries and cultures - the Austrians eat 'history' daily, perhaps without knowing too much about the sources of their own delicacies. introduces into some dishes such as 'gefilte Fish' which originate from Jewish citizens or Turkish specialties like 'Apfelstrudel' (recipe) and coffee.

The article on ends with 'A Final Curiosity' about culinary and male potency.

fig. original: Two 'Palatschinken'; the Palatschinke is the Austrian version of the French Crêpe. Photo: (C) Österreich Werbung.
"From France, the birthplace of the Crêpe, it was brought to Romania where it was called "placinta," and from there on to Hungary under the new name of "palacsinta" finally landing in Austrian kitchens as Palatschinken," explains

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