10 April 2012 - Short Message

The changing #aesthetics of #windowDollies presented by Cristóbal Balenciaga Museoa in Getaria, #Basque Country (Spain)

From 20 April until 17 June 2012, the Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum (the museum pays tribute to the legendary Haute Couturier Cristóbal Balenciaga, founder of the fashion house Balenciaga) presents 'ManiQUEEN since 1922' at its art space which is installed in the museum's building adjoined to the Palacio Aldamar in Getaria, the Basque city near the French borders in the North of Spain; Balenciaga is born there (1895) and in Getaria, he was buried after his death in 1972 (view it on the map). The exhibition is dedicated to the history of window mannequins over 90 years from the 1920ies to the present day, the influence of art movements (surrealism, realism...) on their look and how our image of the ideal body has formed them. On show are the plastic (and other materials) dollies by the Italian company La Rosa which is specialized on fashion mannequins.

Additionally, the museum presents selected pieces from the permanent collection of approximately 1.200 dresses, gowns, hats... by Cristóbal Balenciaga. The clothings are presented in rotation every 6 to 12 months in another constellation because of conservation reasons. Until 1 May 2012, the Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum showcases its current selection of key works by Cristóbal Balenciaga with additional information about Haute Couture techniques and Balenciaga's life. The museum's website highlights each month another model: in April, it's an evening dress in indigo blue silk gazar. By the way: the website cristobalbalenciagamuseoa.com provides a good insight into the museum and the work of Balenciaga. Find there videos, an extensive biography of the couturier, a list of archives where Balenciaga models are collected (Victoria & Albert Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, etc), schedules of workshops such as 'Fashion Illustration' or 'Customize and recycle', and special features for fashion interested users such as the gallery with Haute Couture like the evening ensemble in silver, blue, gold worn by Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly in 1965.

Video: The conservation staff of the Cristóbal Balenciaga Museoa at the research laboratory. The results of the research is made public by the museum through exhibitions, publications, symposia, seminars, training courses.


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