20 June 2012 - Short Message

Exhibition 'Water' with works by US video artist Bill Viola at Nordic Watercolour Museum (until 9 September 2012, Skärhamn in Sweden)

The Nordic Watercolour Museum in Skärhamn (Sweden) combines geography (coastal landscape) and the content of the exhibited artworks which center around the theme water, nature.
Until 9 September 2012, the museum presents works by US video artist Bill Viola under the title 'Water' with focus on evanescence (birth, life, death).
"Water and movement are essential to both life and watercolour art. The exhibition invites you, with help from moving image, to a series of vivid images - contemporary tableaux vivants - where the water and the transformation of birth, life and death are at the center." Nordic Watercolour Museum

Video (posted in August 2009): Bill Viola speaks in the interview about nature sciences and the approach of art to the world and that the question 'Why' is more important than 'How' to understand art. As example, he mentions an anecdote concerning his video work 'Ascension' (2000).


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