Keyboard man meets screen beauty

On 12 October 2012, the music video with romantic keyboard-screen-nature story for the funk-future-disco track 'Ich R U' from the album 'Out Of The Black' premiered on Boys Noize's YouTube channel. The new album 'Out Of The Black' (released on 8 October) received media attention from publications like Rolling Stone: "Out of the Black bypasses the slickness of mainstream EDM in favor of the raw, buzzsaw electro..."

Boys Noize (aka Berlin-based producer, DJ and label owner Alex Ridha) comments: "'Ich R U' is probably the most melodic one on my new album. If you know some of my tracks like 'Yeah', 'Jeffer' or 'Shine Shine' has that sort of vibe. ... It surprises me that friends or fans sometimes prefer the melodic or softer stuff I do, especially on my remixes and I think 'Ich R U' is obviously more of a softer one - but it's still super funky and Disco6000."

Boys Noize belongs to the most recognized electronic musicians worldwide. In 2010, he received the Independent Music Award and was 3 consecutive times Best Electronic Artist on Beatport. Recently, Beck's sold beer bottles with visual art work by Boys Noize. The musician, producer, DJ announces to release the single 'Ich R U' together with remixes mid-November 2012.

Boys Noize is on 'Out Of The Black'-tour: on 13 October in London (live), 15 October in Prague (DJ), 17 October Zürich (live), followed by cities in France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Austria, Italy, Spain, Germany... from 23 November on in US, Canada; details on

The video for the robotic track with love poem alike title 'Ich R U' (German-English mix for an idea that two persons become one) shows a keyboard man who meets screen beauty with doubtful nature happy ending. The video was directed by Patrick Jean & Sebastien Loghman.

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