8 August 2012 - Short Message

#Music 'Let's Buy Happiness' by Boys Noize (EU/US live-tour starts in October)

On 6 October 2012, Boys Noize (electronic music project by Berlin-based producer, DJ, and label owner Alex Ridha) will start his EU/US live-tour (first ever live-tour in US) with his third album 'Out Of The Black' which will be released on 2 October on Boysnoize Records. Recently, the track 'What You Want' from the new album premiered on Rolling Stone where it is described as a composition of hip hop beats and German group Kraftwerk's robot style.

fig. original: Alex Ridha aka Boys Noize. Photo: (C) Bjorn Jonas Photography.

Boys Noize belongs to the most recognized electronic musicians worldwide. In 2010, he received the Independent Music Award and was 3 consecutive times Best Electronic Artist on Beatport. Currently, Beck's sells beer bottles with visual art work by Boys Noize; read more about the project together with the musicians M.I.A., Seeed, Bloc Party, and photographer Anton Corbijn on 'Art on beer bottles'.

Boys Noize starts his tour on 6 October in Berlin, followed by Dublin, London, Vienna, Paris, to name a few. On 23 November the US tour begins in Fort Lauderdale in Florida, followed by Washington, New York, Boston, Los Angeles... Find details on boysnoize.com/dates.

Music: 'Let's Buy Happiness' from Boys Noize's first album 'OiOiOi', released 13 July 2007.

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