Angel or Devil? an old game which is played by parents with their children who learn playfully to distinguish between good and evil and to think about consequences of behaviour. The game is backed by an old mythology which is practised in the Alpine regions of Central Europe on 5th and 6th December when Krampus (the bad one) and Saint Nicholas (the good one) visit children. The demon Krampus 'punishes' (not literally) the ones who have done wrong. There exist assumptions that the demon is the representation of a female goddess from the ancient Celtic nature religion. (The Krampus looks like the creatures in Woodkid's music video.) The Krampus is the vanguard of the 'good one' Saint Nicholas who brings the gifts one day later on 6th December.

fig. original: Bruno Banani was inspired by the old mythology of Krampus and Saint Nicholas and sent some images for underwear in night blue and fiery red for men and women such as the lingerie dress from the 'Red and Blue' line. It's up to the fantasy of the viewer whether the dress fits for Krampus or Saint Nicholas day. Photo: Lingerie dress by Bruno Banani, Fall/Winter 2012.

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