Fashion store in the highest capital city of the world

In August 2012, the Herford (Germany) headquartered menswear label Bugatti sent images from the 'Roof of the World' such as the one on this page showing the front side of the new store which was opened recently in the capital city of Tibet in Lhasa (ca. 3650 meters above sea level). It's the first Bugatti store in the country which is an autonomous region in China. The store in Lhasa - franchise cooperation with a Chinese partner, presents on approximately 300 square meters from casual to business wear over leather goods and shoes the label's range.

The brand name Bugatti is known from the motor vehicles by the Italian Ettore Bugatti which belongs today to the Volkswagen group, and the men's wear by Bugatti which is part of the Holding Brinkmann. The fashion brand Bugatti was founded in 1978 - according to the timeline on Bugatti's website, the name was taken from a telephone directory in Milan and patented on 26 May 1978. Soon after, the company presented the first collection of coats. Today, the Bugatti collection consists of clothing, shoes, bags, underwear and accessories.

Tibet is after China (shop opening earlier this year in the 30 million people city Chongqing), Russia, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Czech and Hungary, the 9th international market where Bugatti opened own stores. Bugatti announces the opening of three further stores this year in Beijing.

fig. original: The Bugatti store in Tibet's capital city Lhasa was opened already in July 2012.

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