3 November 2012 - Short Message

#Music 'So Long Solange' by pianist and singer Caroline Keating, album 'Silver Heart' (Oct 2012)

The Canadian pianist and singer Caroline Keating has received already enthusiastic reviews - almost love poems - by the German press which attributed her as 'extraordinary beautiful pianist' - which says nothing about her talent, but the statement about her look is balanced in the same sentence with the description of her work: 'delicious music' by an 'uncredible talent'. Another journalist (Benzol Magazin) writes that she is a 'fantastic sympathetic' person with 'multifaceted voice' and 'charming piano melodies'. (Find the original German citations from Spiegel and Benzol Magazin on frequentmusic.com.)

Caroline Keating's heartful, charming music is made of piano, violin, drums, guitar, accordion, double bass and her voice (which is compared by the press with Joanna Newsom and Regina Spektor). Her debut album 'Silver Heart' (released in October) is available at record stores on vinyl and digitally via iTunes or Amazon.

Caroline Keating is on tour in Europe: today in Darmstadt (DE), 10 Nov in Potsdam (DE), 22 Nov in Hamburg (DE), 24 Nov Graz (AT)... Find the tour dates until mid-2013 on carolinekeating.net.

Listen: 'So Long Solange' by Caroline Keating from the album 'Silver Heart' (released on 26 October 2012, Glitterhouse Records).

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