23 November 2012 - Short Message

#MusicVideo 'Easy' by Bambi 2012 award-winning Cro

Yesterday, Cro received in Düsseldorf the Bambi Award 2012 in the category 'German Pop'. The musician (with the panda mask) stars (anonymously) the rap-pop-music scene in German language Europe at least since the release of the music video for the track 'Easy'. The Bambi jury about the decision to select Cro for the award: "...His music video for 'Easy" has been viewed 30 million times on YouTube and in June the record went gold." bambi-awards.com.

The Bambi Awards are the most recognized and oldest media awards (since 1948) in Germany. The Bambis are donated to achievements in various fields - from exceptional performances in sports to successful politics, movie actors like Keanu Reeves or Arnold Schwarzenegger and international fashion designers like Giorgio Armani or Vivienne Westwood received the prize. In 2011, Bushido can be found in the winners list. He was awarded not for his music but for his social activities. This year alongside to Cro, Felix Baumgartner received one of the golden Bambis for his breathtaking space jump.

Video: 'Easy' by Cro from the album 'Raop' (6 July 2012, Chimperator). Video by weare8.com; director: Harris Hodovic, camera: Patrick Kamal.

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