Shoes as manifestation of eco-friendliness

...seen in June 2012 at the shoe line 'Ocean Minded', newly arrived at the Crocs' online shop. The board sports inspired shoes for women and men are made of eco-friendly (recycled, sustainable) materials.

One of the activities of the brand Ocean Minded (since 1996) is - alongside to the usage of eco-friendly materials for shoes and reneweable materials for printed catalogues, etc, to clean-up beaches.

"From 2009 to 2011, Ocean Minded hosted 107 beach clean-ups that were attended by an estimated 3,162 volunteers. Together, they picked up and properly disposed of 27,213 pounds of trash. 21 of these clean-ups were hosted outside of the USA in: South Africa, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, Canada and Thailand."

fig. original: Woman and man wearing shoes by Ocean Minded.

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