10 August 2012 - Short Message

#MusicVideo premiere 'Circles Around The Sun' by Dispatch on VEVO

On 9 August, the music video for the title track from Dispatch's new album 'Circles Around The Sun' (release on 21 August, Bomber Records) premiered on VEVO. The video, directed by Eric Heimbold, shows the band members, archived footage from NASA and pictures of Larry Perry from growing up of a disabled boy to a young man. "Circles Around The Sun is the legend of our friend Larry Perry, who passed away this past year," guitarist-vocalist Chad Urmston told Rolling Stone. The legend (which is still debated by conspiracy theorists) says that Larry Perry was sent unwillingly into space by NASA in the '60s.

The band will be on 'Circles Around The Sun'-tour in autumn 2012. The members of the band Dispatch started an education charity; Dispatch will donate $1.00 per initial album pre-order to Amplifying Education (last year's focus: books and services to improve schools). The 'Circles Around The Sun'-tour starts on 20 September in Vancouver. Before, Dispatch perform in August in San Francisco, Edinburgh, London, St. Pölten, Leipzig... dispatchmusic.com/tour.


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