Facemasks for snowboarders
...by Airhole seen on 8 October 2012 at the Frankfurt headquartered online store dom-ck.com. The store offers a nice selection of pieces from motorbike helmets, fashion like facemasks or bikinis, over technics such as headphones, DJ pokketmixer, to baby & kids items like the ecological 'i-Wood - My first Laptop'.

fig. original from left to right: Facemask 'The Queen' which remembers The Sex Pistols' sleeve for the single 'God Save the Queen' (1977) and right, the mask 'Insane' in Hannibal Lecter style; both are by Airhole. The Canadian company was founded by the professional snowboarders Kale Stephens and Chris Brown; airholefacemasks.com. Photos: (C) 2011 Scott Serfas. All Rights Reserved.

Campaign video 'Airhole: Facemasks You Idiot'; directed by Randy Ross for Endeavor Design Inc. / 2011.

Source: Original article with image and video on http://www.fashionoffice.org/collections/2012/dom10-2012.htm.

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