20 April 2012 - Short Message

Free #music download of Dragonette's synth dancefloor pop 'Let It Go' and interview about #fashion on Rolling Stone

In March, Dragonette's song 'The Right Woman' appeared on fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg's compilation on occasion of Woman's Day. In April, fashion surrounds again the Canadian/Toronto electro-pop trio Dragonette. This time, Colleen Nika/Rolling Stone interviews the band members about the role fashion plays in their music, a Sputnik-shaped dress, and the favorite things they wear on stage; Dan Kurtz' answer to the last question: "Martina has a pair of jeans that make me glad I married her. I especially love playing about two feet behind her when she's wearing them..." rollingstone.com, where the Faustix & Imanos remix of Dragonette's single 'Let It Go' recently premiered - with free MP3. On 21 April, Dragonette perform at the Coachella Festival in California coachella.com (find there live videos from the concerts).

Video: 'The Right Woman' by Dragonette was selected by Diane von Fürstenberg for the compilation 'Proud to be Woman Vol. 3' on occasion of International Women's Day in March 2012; details.


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