3 May 2012 - Short Message

"These weirdos think you need help keeping your thoughts light..." explains Dragonette's front-woman Martina Sorbara the new #music video 'Let It Go'

Martina Sorbara from the Canadian trio Dragonette explains the new video (released on 2 May 2012): "These weirdos think you need help keeping your thoughts light and your mind vacant. We think you should Let it Go." The video shows human 'test bunnies' dancing like marionettes to the electro-pop rhythm of 'Let It Go' and being 'programmed' by the use of images - these scenes make think of the image-therapy in Stanley Kubrick's SciFi-crime movie 'A Clockwork Orange'.

It is announced that 'Let It Go' will be published together with the single 'The Right Woman' (featured on Diane Von Fürstenberg's compilation on occasion of Woman's Day) on a new full-length album. More about 'The Right Woman' and the band's Rolling Stone interview (with answers to questions about 'fashion') on fashion.at/mobile/2012/dragonette4-2012.htm.

Video: 'Let It Go' by Dragonette, directed by A Drew Lightfoot, produced by Revolver Films, edited by Izzy Ehrlich. The song is available on iTunes. Dragonette publishes tour dates through US and Canada on dragonetteonline.com/tour-dates/.


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