'Picnic' with musicians

On 22 November 2012, electro-swing, Balkan-beats musician Ulf Lindemann (Hamburg/Vienna) aka dunkelbunt invites to the release party of the compilation with 'dunkelbunt'-blend 'Picnic with [dunkelbunt]' at the new club 'Chaya Fuera' in Vienna.

Fashionoffice's favorite track from 'Picnic' (selected on 5 October): 'Danse Avec Moi' by the Paris-based duo Nôze.

'Picnic' is dunkelbunt's musical travel blog collected on his tours with sounds from Berlin, Istanbul, Vienna, Thessaloniki, Brussels, Athens, Marseille, Paris, Buenos Aires, Toronto, London, Memphis, Athens, Melbourne.

On 22 November at 'Chaya Fuera', 360° visuals by Vijay Sikander, live music by Waldeck, DJ Sid Data on the turntables, culinary, spices and scents will accompany the launch of 'Picnic'. Users are invited to win tickets for the party on dunkelbunt.tk.

fig. original: Artwork for the compilation 'Picnic with [dunkelbunt]'

1. Lonely Drifter Karen – Wonderous Ways
2. Meri Lida & Manolis Hiotis - Den Thelo Pia Na Xanarthis (Imam Baildi Remix)
3. Nil Karaibrahimgil - Bencil
4. Oi Va Voi – Ladino Song
5. Nôze – Danse Avec Moi
6. Mad Manoush - Illusionen
7. Skeewiff - Man Of Constant Sorrow (Original Mix)
8. Arthur Lee - Everbody's Gotta Live
9. Manau - Fest Noz De Paname
10. [dunkelbunt] – Schlawiener (Original Edit)
11. Watcha Clan - Goumari (DJ Click Remix)
12. Tremor - Viajante (DJ Delay Dub)
13. Axel Krygier – Princesa
14. Firewater – This Is My Life
15. BaBa Zula – Cecom

Teaser for the compilation 'Picnic with [dunkelbunt]', release on 16 November 2012, Poets Club Records.

Source: Original article with image, video, teaser on http://www.fashionoffice.org/culture/2012/dunkelbunt10-2012.htm.

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