13 May 2012 - Short Message

Artist collective Neon Golden creates the visuals for the first ever electronic music event at the Vienna State Opera on 7 July 2012

On 7 July 2012, the Viennese artist collective Neon Golden will digitally paint the audience space and stage of the Vienna State Opera on occasion of the opera house's first ever electronic music event 'Electr.Oper'. The members of Neon Golden (founded in 2005, today around 15 people) derive their digital art from interactive software tools and custom generated content for European festivals such as 'Urban Art Forms' in Austria, 'Sonnemondsterne' in Germany and projects for fashion labels like Levi's or adidas. Find on neongolden.net video-examples of their work.

The main act on 7 July at the Vienna State Opera is the live performance by the electronic musicians DJ/producer Carl Craig, producer Moritz von Oswald, pianist Francesco Tristano (video below); followed by DJ-line-up (Jamie Jones, Damian Lazarus, Maceo Plex from the label Crosstown Rebels) and party.

Video: Carl Craig, Moritz von Oswald, Francesco Tristano live at RFH @ RBMA London 2010.


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