Food as lifestyle, eating as event and the socio-critical question: What happens when nobody is hungry?

From 17 to 21 October 2012, the 6th Annual NYC Food Film Festival invites to approximately 40 film screenings. It is announced that the festival is the place "Where Guests Taste What They See on the Screen." The Food Film Festival opens with the screening of director Olav Verhoeven's 59:58 minutes film 'Whiskey: the Islay Edition' in a distillery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on 17 October; each day introduces with another title and event to another film program. Director James Boo & Ian Parker's documentary 'Sugar Shack' (the trailer shows a girl eating maple taffy) for example runs during the 'Edible Adventure' on 20 October; and later on this day at The Food Porn Party, films like 'Bon Appetit' are on the program. Additionally, the website presents the food projects 'Food Bank' and 'Good Food'.

Video: Trailer for 'Bon Appetit' (14 minutes, US premiere on 20 October 2012), directed by Beto Nahmad and Alber Fernandez. The directors question: "But, what happens when man kind is not hungry? Suddenly, our brain starts discovering new things to think of." The short film invites to socio-critical reflection. 'Bon Appetit' is supported by 'Acción contra el hambre' (Action Against Hunger).

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