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On 23 August 2012, Fashionoffice received the information about a new bag by the Swiss label Freitag. The bag's name is 'Peggy' and was launched on the same day with images of different models made from recycled truck tarpaulins which travelled once on European freeways and a video that introduces into the qualities of the Peggy-bag.

The truck tarpaulins have started a new life in form of Peggy-bags which are developed for practical city usage such as riding on a bike. The video shows that the bag provides storage for daily food shopping; it has even enough space for several bottles. The extra, smaller bag is designed for essentials such as keys or beauty tools like mascara, lipstick.

fig. original: 'F62 Peggy' bags by Freitag, launched on 23 August 2012. Technical information and Peggy's profile: 430 x 140 x 330 mm, volume: 19.0 litres. Robust, great for shopping & bopping and water-repellent. Photos: Bruno Alder (C) Bruno Alder Photographie.

Video: Freitag introduces with stop motion pictures and the example 'equipment for a home movie evening for two' into the usage of the new Peggy bag. Animation by; sound composed by Noerd.

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