29 September 2012 - Short Message

#MusicVideo 'Mind Control' by Friends from the debut album 'Manifest!' and tour dates

Brooklyn-based band Friends (vocals - Samantha Urbani, guitar/keys - Nikki Shapiro, percussion - Oliver Duncan, bass - V)
are on US tour with the funky dance tracks from the new album 'Manifest!' (29 Sept Philadelphia, 30 Sept Boston, 2 and 3 Oct Washington DC... afriendszone.com)

The lyrics of the songs are about anarchism, empowerment of the individual, being wary of the government and media, existential awe, etc. The New York Times named the album "one of the year's most breathless debuts" and NME called them "One of 100 New Bands You Have To Hear."

Video: 'Mind Control' by Friends from the self-produced debut album 'Manifest!' (June 2012); video directed by Hiro Murai.


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