9 May 2012 - Short Message

Free #music download Nite Jewel remix of 'Se Pixelo el Vinito' by Super Guachin from the album 'Future Sounds of Buenos Aires' (May 2012, Waxploitation/ZZK)

'Future Sounds of Buenos Aires' is a music project which reflects the electronic music scene from South America, especially Argentina. Artists on the album are Mati Zundel, Chancha Via Circuito, the Argentinian band Tremor who style Andean foklore into electronic future sound, or Super Guachin with their 8 bit cumbia bass. The songs are new interpretations of folklore and traditional cumbia by using street-inspired electronic sounds.

Tracklisting of 'Future Sounds of Buenos Aires' (released on 1 May 2012; available on iTunes):

1. Frikstailers 'Guacha'
2. Tremor 'Malambo'
3. Mati Zundel 'Señor Montecostez'
4. Daleduro 'La Poli'
5. Fauna 'Hongo x Hongo'
6. The Peronists 'Mi Llegada Tu Llegada Nuestro Descanso'
7. Super Guachin 'Se Pixelo el Vinito'
8. La Yegros 'Viene de Mi'
9. Chancha Via Circuito 'Prima'
10. El Remolon 'Atras' (featuring Lido Pimienta)
11. El Trip Selector 'Coombia del Piano Triste'
12. King Coya 'Cumbiatron'

The original version of 'Se Pixelo el Vinito' by Super Guachin and the remix by Nite Jewel are published on The Fader.

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