23 May 2012 - Short Message

Debut collection of the Austrian #fashion label Globalcitizen by Agnes Aistleitner inspired by Egypt

In early May 2012, 19 years old fashion designer Agnes Aistleitner received the 'Golden Nica' by the Austrian 'Prix Ars Electronica 2012' in the category 'u19 - Create Your World' for her 15 minutes long video report 'state of revolution' about the situation in Egypt after the Arab Spring last year. Therefore she travelled to Cairo and made several interviews with people who have told her their individual views on the political situation. The Prix Ars Electronica 2012-jury was convinced by Agnes Aistleitner's use of internet footage from YouTube, online search results, and interviews with different people from the country. (Jury statement in German on youtu.be/mGBoiJoa-9k.)

Recently, Agnes Aistleitner has founded together with her partner Sebastian Tauber the fashion label 'Globalcitizen'. Beginning with 31 May 2012, Globalcitizen presents for the duration of three weeks its first collection at the Viennese Base-Level Gallery. The Globalcitizen debut collection will be presented as multimedia fashion installation in cooperation with Austrian fashion photographer Michael Dürr and Egyptian graffiti artist Adham Bakry. The collection pieces for men and women are inspired by the political conscious spirit of the people in Egypt in the meaning of finding new approaches to fashion such as the environmental conscious approach to create fashion pieces like art works which are not limited by short-term fashion trends.

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