Punching on high level

For punching on the highest level, some of the most requested and award-winning Austrian cooks have contributed their receipts for the 'Gourmetpunsch' in Sigmund Freud Park in Vienna. The punching place opens on 15 November 2012 with a charity for the men's health initiative Movember.

It is the first time that high level cooks are teaming up for punching in Vienna. The temporarily installed 'Gourmet Punch' location will provide from 16 November until 21 December 2012 compositions like tangerine-ginger or plums-choco punches.

Additionally, Hildegard Wurst (known for a groundbreaking new business model which hit the Viennese streets during the last months) will create the hot-dogs while DJs from the Viennese club scene work on the turntables.

It is announced that the gourmet punches and hot-dogs will be available for 'fair prices'. We will taste and see!

The 'Gourmet Punch'-cooks are...

fig. original: Christian and Markus Winkler, the owners of the Schwedenkapelle in Kitzbühel (Tyrol). They will contribute the receipt for tangerine-ginger punch with lemongrass; Peter Zinter (Vincent in Vienna) rowanberry-almond punch; Walter Eselböck and Alain Weissgerber from the Taubenkobel (Burgenland) will surprise with the 'Taubenkobel' fruit punch; and Christian Domschitz from the Vestibül (Vienna) announces 'Plums and chocolate punch'.

Photos: (C) Schwedenkapelle, (C) Vincent, (C) Taubenkobel, (C) Vestibül.

Not on view on this page, Heinz Hanner (Hotel Hanner), Alexander Fankhauser (Hotel Lamark), Rudi and Karl Oberauer (Hotel Oberauer).

Source: Original article with images on http://www.fashionoffice.org/cuisine/2012/gourmetpunch11-2012.htm.

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