5 September 2012 - Short Message

#MusicVideo 'Kill The DJ' by Green Day and the interactive 'Nokia Music' channel

The track 'Kill The DJ' is from the upcoming album '¡UNO!' by the US band Green Day who will stream the album for their fans on their Facebook page in collaboration with Nokia and AT&T. Green Day contributes a series of exclusive playlists and will perform a kick-off concert on occasion of the launch of the special music streaming channel (17 million tracks!) 'Nokia Music' for AT&T customers. The date and more details about the concert will be announced on facebook.com/greenday.

Nokia Music consists of over 150 playlists that are curated by international experts and provide music from various genres like emerging new music styles by underground groups to classical music performed by the New York Philharmonic orchestra. Green Day are curating their own playlists. Additionally, Nokia Music is equipped with the interactive feature 'Create' which enables users to become their own 'DJs' by customizing the playlists after their taste.

"We are excited to team up with Nokia Music and AT&T and for our fans to hear ¡UNO! for the first time on our Facebook page," say the members of the two time Grammy Award-winning (Best Alternative Music Performance, Best Rock Album) band Green Day.

Video: 'Kill The DJ' by Green Day from the album '¡UNO!' (release on 25 September, track listing), video directed by Samuel Bayer.


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