Green glam outfits for innovators of environmental and energy technologies

On 22 May 2012, Austrian producers of textiles, clothing manufacturers and designers collaborated for the eco-friendly 'green glam'-outfits of winners and nominees of the country's official awards for 'Clean Technologies Austria' at the Wiener Hofburg in Vienna.

The 'State Prize 2012 Clean Technologies Austria' awarded companies for innovations in environmental and energy technologies. The collaboration between environmental technologies, energy, and eco-fashion was introduced with the motto 'Fashion meets Eco-Innovation, Clean Technology meets Design'. More about the producers of the outfits for the 'green carpet' at the State Prize gala on

fig. original left: Reinhard Backhausen, President of the Austrian Textile, Clothing, Shoe and Leather Industry, in a tailor made jacket made of Backhausen fabric with light and dark gray pattern designed by the Austrian artist Peter Kogler (known for his silk screen prints and urban installations with repetitive pattern systems and multimedia works with computer animation, video).

fig. middle: Michaela Steinacker (Raiffeisen-Holding NÖ-Wien) in a ruby-red gown by Vienna based design label Awareness & Consciousness made from textiles by Willy Hermann.

fig. right: Maximilian Hauer (Kappa Filter Systems GmbH) in Shakkei suit (fabrics by Seidra) and shirt by Maxa (fabrics by Getzner Textil AG).

Photos: bmwfj staatspreis 2012. (C) Ludwig Rusch. stoegmueller / rusch.

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