26 April 2012 - Short Message

Boxers in a fight, seen at the #music video 'Lead Me' by Manna directed by #film maker and #fashion designer Paola Suhonen

Paola Suhonen is known for her textile and fashion designs of her own label Ivana Helsinki (founded in 1998 in Finland). Currently, Paola Suhonen lives in Los Angeles and invests her time additionally into film making. The latest news from Paola Suhonen concern the music video 'Lead Me' for musician Manna from the 10 tracks album 'Shackles'. The album was released in September 2011 and contains folk-rock melodious songs like 'Wishing Well' featuring Mark Lanegan.

For the song 'Lead Me', Paola Suhonen shot fight scenes of boxers and excited faces of an audience which copies the boxers' movements and packed them into a vintage colored picture story about an average Sunday in a gym in Brooklyn.

Video: 'Lead Me' by Manna, shot at Gleason's Gym in Brooklyn (New York) on 16mm film; directed by Paola Suhonen; film by IvanaHelsinki Cinema; posted in April 2012.


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