New interpretations of the Indonesian kebaya dress

...seen on 14 May 2012 on the catwalk of Raden Sirait at the annual Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival (12 - 27 May 2012, Sentra Kelapa Gading area). The motto of this year's JFFF (the festival was founded 2004) is 'Innofashion'. The word creation is made of the terms innovation and fashion. Innofashion stands for the country's cultural heritage and the modern approach to fashion and culinary.

The Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival 2012 opened on 12 May 2012 with the Gading Nite Carnival under the theme 'Wonderlush' with focus on nature and culture. Hundreds of street dancers in fantastic costumes performed in front of visitors their reflections about national culture and natural resources. (Video below.)

fig. original: Raden Sirait presented an extravagant fashion show under the title 'Endless Grateful, No End Happiness. Ode and Elegy for The Lord of the Universe' as tribute for his achievements in the last five years. The designer focuses especially on the traditional 'kebaya'. The kebaya is a blouse with long sleeves which is normally combined to a sarong-skirt. The kebaya appears also in long version as a dress. Some of Raden Sirait's pieces remember Indonesia's architectural tradition such as the dress with the interesting shoulder-sleeve construction left on the last image of the original picture.

Video: The video gives insights into the JFFF opening event, the Gading Nite Carnival on 12 May 2012, the fireworks, fashion shows, exhibitions of wine and cheese from countries like France, Australia, Argentina at the Food Festival, shows makeup artists and hair stylists at work... Find the schedule of the Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival on

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