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...showing how slowly the human brain moves in thinking.

On 20 September 2012, the Austrian art space Mario Mauroner (galleries in Salzburg and Vienna) opens the new exhibition with the world premiere of the sculptures by the Belgian theatre maker and visual artist Jan Fabre 'Zeno Brains and Oracle Stones' in Vienna on occasion of 'curated by_vienna 2012'.

During 'curated by_vienna' (20 September to 25 October 2012), curators and 22 galleries provide with an extensive art program new views on the interconnections between work, economy, knowledge, and politics.

The exhibition at Mario Mauroner is curated by the Hungarian art historian, critic and curator Lóránd Hegyi who has selected for this year's theme of 'curated by_vienna' Jan Fabre's white marble sculptures of oversized brains and turtles which push them or the turtle which carries the brain on its back. Jan Fabre's 'Zeno Brains and Oracle Stones' question the stability of the human brain and its competence to 'move on' in thinking.

fig. original: Brain with pushing turtles by Jan Fabre. Photo: (C) Pat Verbruggen.

fig. original: Turtle Brain by Jan Fabre. Photo: (C) Pat Verbruggen.

The three 'Zeno Brains' were sculptured this year in Carrara and each of them weigh around 3,5 tons. The turtle can be found in many cultures as symbol for wisdom. The 'hybrid' creature stands for flexibility as it lives on land and in water and is therefore also associated with the creation of the world. The name 'Zeno' references philosopher Zeno of Elea (5th century B.C.) and the perception of reality with our senses. It can be interpreted as the inability of the human brain to experience reality 'live' - a sort of bias caused by the slow moving brain that makes us see things we want to see or things that are already learned, common and so projected easily into our perception - instead of perceiving purely 'live' the world around us such as the things that happen in economy or politics.

In addition to the three 3,5 ton brains, the gallery shows 13 'Oracle Stones' by Jan Fabre. These smaller sculptures of morphing brains with animals stand for seers like today's trendscouts or futurologists who show new ways.

'Jan Fabre - Zeno Brains and Oracle Stones' is on view from 21 September until 10 November 2012 at Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art in Vienna.

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