Puppets made from fabrics

...seen in November 2012 at the Vienna-based toys, games, interior, and clothing online shop 'Mina & Lola' dedicated to kids and babies. Additionally, the shop provides essentials for mothers and fathers. The owner of the 'Mina & Lola' shop is mother of two and derived the company name from her kids' names.

fig. original: The textile puppets by the label 'JoPi' are called 'Weihnachtswichtel' which means 'Christmas Dwarfs', and 'Guardian Angels' (photo), in German 'Schutzengel'. Photos: (C) JoPi.

The JoPi puppets are handmade by the Vorarlberg born in Vienna living Johanna Pichler Weber who started her sewing activities in 2010 with the JoPi-bunny for her daughter and extended in the meanwhile her collection of stuffed animals to ponies, fishes, frogs, etc.

Source: Original article with images on http://www.fashionoffice.org/culture/2012/jopi11-2012.htm.

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