3 June 2012 - Short Message

Web #films, interview, backstage documentary of the making of the new #fragrance Kenzo Homme #Sport

In May 2012, the new fragrance by Kenzo for men 'Kenzo Homme Sport' was introduced online. The storyline of the website starts with full screen moving pictures of men standing in the water of the ocean and playing football - on a football table. 'Play' is the center theme of the films for the Kenzo Homme Sport campaign where Nicolas Cazalé (it is announced that he appears soon in a short film with Emmanuelle Seigner) represents the contemporary man who loves to experience nature in a playful, sportive way and sees himself with a good portion of humour.

Artistic director of Kenzo Homme Sport is Patrick Guedj who developed from his impression of the fresh mint, geranium, cedar scent the photography and films and accompanied them with words and sound. Since 2000, he makes the short movies and photographs of the Kenzo Parfums advertising campaigns. In the interview on the website of Kenzo Homme Sport he speaks about the idea of table football as center theme of a campaign for a luxury label like Kenzo: "Thinking about this idea of sport which is so removed from the brand," and explains "There's also the idea of playing in a positive way. Playing and be able to say that you really enjoy playing..."

Perfumer of the men's fragrance is François Demachy. The connoisseur of vintage cars and diver is inspired for his creations by the Mediterranean region, especially the Italian cities Syracuse and Siena, and is strongly attracted by Japanese cultures. François Demachy says: "We perfumers are writer-composers and performers! We converse in a language that many understand but few can speak. I transform what I feel into a musical score of scented notes."

The website introduces into the composition of the fragrance, presents the films by Patrick Guedj and specials like a backstage video from the shooting in Thailand where a female voice (from the off) is questioning the body style of actor Nicolas Cazalé "But how do you get a body like that?" She finds an obvious answer.

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