26 June 2012 - Short Message

#Photo-series 'Dreams of the Shaman' by Anouk Garcia at the Festival Photo #LaGacilly (until 30th September 2012)

The Photo Festival in the North-Western French town La Gacilly presents with nineteen exhibitions on various venues (streets, galleries, gardens...) and more than 600 photographs the relationship of humans with the environment; from pictures of fast grown 'Mega-Cities' like Manilla, Singapore, Shanghai,... from the latest book by German photographer Peter Bialobrzeski 'The Raw and the Cooked' where the co-existence with nature is questioned, over Magnum photographer Raymond Depardon's pictures of 'Desert People' in the Sahara who live as nomads in pure nature far from mega-cities, to the photo series about Brazilian Indians entitled 'Dreams of the Shaman' by Anouk Garcia who presents with her work the spiritual relationship between humans and nature.

Writer, photographer, filmmaker Anouk Garcia publishes the film documentary 'Rêve de Chamane' online. The film and the exhibition at the Festival Photo La Gacilly pay homage to Ika Muru who died on 25 December 2011. Ika Muru kept the kowledge about the history and culture of Indians and their ability to live in balance with nature alive.

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